Hostel Dining Room

Hostel Dining Room

This was a big project with many elements to incorporate. The concept of zoning was used to identify the different areas of dining and socialising. Attention was specifically paid to customer use and purpose and a very detailed criteria was fulfilled to account for the throughput of visitors to the area.

From a design point of view, lots of ideas were used to add to the overall effect from modern neon signage to authentic upcycled items, a particular favourite of which is an upcycled piano used as a book shelf.

Due to the dimensions of the space, tables and shelving were made to measure and bespoke lampshades were commissioned to enhance the theme of the dining area. The area now offers a relaxing space to socialise or relax and a communal dining area aimed at the art of conversation and culinary enjoyment!


We can highly recommend the wonderful Doreen of RedHatGiraffe Interior Design. We run a busy hospitality business in Ireland consisting of a 100 bed tourist hostel and apartments. The product was jaded and we needed a serious revamp and rebranding. After a number of consultations with Doreen we decided to engage her services and it was the best decision we ever made.

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